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Welcome to, a really interesting website place! uses a unique site design that - aside from making it ineligible for Google Ads - makes it (hopefully) easy and fast to use. The main page is structured like a timeline, so you can get a quick view of the content that has been posted recently, and so you can see posts dating back to the before-times. Also, the site takes advantage of modern browsers so you can always hit "back" and "forward" to navigate just as you would any other site. Posts on are categorized by a number of tags, which you can use to see similarly tagged content. Use the tags page (with the link at the top of the site) to see every tag on the site, or click on an individual tag at the bottom of any post to see all the posts with that tag. is currently in Beta, which means that stuff might not work right. If something doesn't work like you think it should, report it to with a description of what you were trying to do.

A dude called Shauvon McGill started this website 2005 as a place to write about non-conformity. It quickly became a stupid place where he posted the uninteresting rants of an angst-y college student. More recently he has written much more interesting stuff. It's not dumb, now, I promise.

Shauvon is interested in Comedy, Photography, Fiction, Technology, and Ideas. Most of the stuff he posts here will fit into one of those categories. Check back daily (mostly) for content ranging from discussions of computer games to satire to beautiful (mostly) photographs - which are all available for sale, by the way - to original hand-drawn web comics.

The only goal of is to be an interesting website place. If you've been able to kill a few minutes of your day looking at cool pictures or reading a dumb thing and you don't think it was a complete waste of your time, has succeeded. If there's ever anything you'd like to read about or anything, feel free to make a request by sending an email to or by making a comment down below.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated. Shauvon doesn't get much out of this other than the satisfaction of being able to entertain people. If you have enjoyed something you saw here, you might consider buying a print of a picture or purchasing an ad on the site. Above all, though, the best thing you can do is share the site with your friends (we'll even take enemies). It's really appreciated.

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