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What Bluetooth Headphones Should You Buy Today?

When I was in college (this was like 2005 or something), my Mom (hi, Mom) got me a pair of wireless headphones. They operated over Bluetooth, and since this was long before the days of listening to music on your smartphone, and therefore long before Bluetooth was...

Defeating Mental Noise

Occasionally it occurs to me that I don’t remember locking my car. There I am, in the middle of Kroger or whatever, and I’m wondering if I need to go back out to my car and make sure it’s locked. My mind gets fixated on that idea and I can’t focus on ...

Brickworld 2015
Brickworld, the annual (and awesome) Lego event, is coming up in Indianapolis in about a week. You know what that means - it's time to finally get around to posting the pictures I took there last year!
The Rules of Improv

Imagine floating in space, free from gravity, direction, or orientation (you have a space suit with oxygen, though, so don’t freak out). This is pure, undiluted freedom. Where do you go from there? Where can you go, without any force to direct you or frame of reference...

Nonsense, and other nonsense

My name is Shauvon McGill and I will be your guide through the land of nonsense. Now, I understand that calling it nonsense probably doesn’t set it (or me, for that matter) up as a terribly respectable or in fact useful subject. However, just bear with me here, because...

A Parade of Cranes

In case you haven't seen my website in a while - or you haven't spoken to me at all - I've been working on a new project involving one of my favoritest things, Lego. I'm working on building a particular Lego set that I thought was super cool when I was a kid. The 1,742 piece...

The Legend of Gray (with video!)

So I've been working on this project for a couple months now. I'm trying to build Lego model 5571: Giant Truck, from 1996, using parts that I'm trying to scrape together from a bunch of things that aren't Lego Model 5571: Giant Truck from 1996. This is the fifth part of that...

Giant Truck: The Champion Part

With any luck, Giant Truck will mostly require more common parts - that is, ones that I actually have. Of all the 1,742 parts in Giant Truck, which is the most common? What about in all of the Lego world? What is the Champion Part?

Giant Truck: Getting Actually Started

To recap, I'm working on a new long-term project featuring one of my all time most favorite things, Lego. I have gone back to my childhood and picked out an epic, monumental Lego set that I've always wanted to build - 1996's 5571: Giant Truck. I'm going to slowly...

Lego: Getting Started

In case you didn't read my last post about Lego (don't worry, this one has pictures!), I'm starting a new long-term project involving one of my absolute favoritest things (spoiler alert, it's Lego): Lego. My plan is to reach deep into the annals of time (why are you giggling...

Lego: a (re-)introduction

Lego is awesome. Really I could probably just say that and be done with it. I don't think anybody would have any arguments to the contrary, and if they did they suck and I hate them anyway. There's something so unique, so perfect, about those little pieces - and something so...

Stupid Office Pranks

I've been working in an office of some fashion for several years, now. In that time, I've learned that things can get pretty boring, especially in those couple summer months when everybody just wants to go outside. If you also work in an office with an indeterminate number of coworkers, there's one sure-fire way around the doldrums. Pranks. Here are some suggestions, in order of when I thought of them.

Another Arcade Game

Hello. For a few years I've had this collection of old arcade roms, computerized versions of arcade games from the 80's and early 90's. The other night I was just super bored so I decided to play a few and write down my thoughts about them. You might remember that from when I already made two posts about it, or maybe this is the first one you've read because it's pretty great. Anyway, here's another game I played and then wrote about.

Some More Arcade Games

Hello. A few days ago I posted a thing about some arcade games I played. Well, I was pretty bored that night, so I actually played a few more games than I had room to write about in a single post. Here are my thoughts about a couple more as they were pulled randomly from my library of obscure and old arcade games.

Some Old Arcade Games

Hello. A many years ago I got a huge collection of MAME roms off the electronic Internet. MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. So these are old (and slightly less old) arcade games from a many many years ago. I’m bored tonight, so I’m going to select a few random ones and tell you about them...

Presidential Pens

It’s hard not to see or hear people talking about the upcoming Presidential Election everywhere you go. Though it does get a bit annoying, it’s refreshing to not hear people talking about Kardashians or Kate Middleton’s wedding for a change. If you were hoping that...

Small Victories (an FTL adventure, part 2)

By Brandon Kirk

[This is part two of an ongoing narrative based around a single playthrough I did of the Indie game FTL. It's highly abstracted and fictionalized, but it's entirely based on in-game events and situations. It's a fun game. You should play it.]

Dear Diary...

Everything is Okay, an FTL adventure

by Brandon Lionel Kirk

[This is the first in a series of posts narrating a single playthrough of the indie game FTL. It's all made up, but entirely based on things that happen in the game. We open on a aspiring young captain, setting off on a vital mission to save the Federation . . . ]

Pin15 live!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending (and participating in) the "Laugh"ayette "Fun"stival, a really great comedy spectacular hosting by some friends of mine in Lafayette Indiana. They asked me to participate, and I'm afraid there was a bit of a misunderstanding. (with video!)...

Installing a Ceiling Hoist Bike Rack

I enjoy riding a bike. They provide cheap transportation (over short distances), they’re fun to work on and maintain, and they’re pretty good excercise. The problem - especially for me - is that they take up a lot of space. I have a 2009 Specialized Secteur, and ...

New Music

You may not know this, but I sometimes make music. I mainly just do it for myself, but sometimes other people seem to enjoy it, too. Before you credit me with any talent or ability, you should know that it's all just electronic beeps and boops (0or as my Mom calls it, "Ding ...

Introducing Fankboner Industries

The last two and a half weeks have been pretty rough. I’ve been contending with a lot of serious work to do, moving to a new city, and the fact that regularly posting something here is just hard. As a result of all these excuses, the last three weeks have seen so little...

Counterpoint: Maybe We Should Order a Pizza

So a lot of talk has been going around about supposed sounds out back and theories about what those sounds were. Sure, we could knock around ideas all day about what we think about this or that sound, but where would that get us? The fact is that there are sounds all the...

Opinion: Those Were Totally Gunshots Just Now

Once, when I was a kid, my Dad took me to a gun range. We went with another guy and his kid - their family was sort of friends with my family or whatever. We had an old .22, the other dad had a huge-ass muzzle-loader, and there was some sort of medium-caliber revolver. I don...

Busy Week
Many apologies are due to the five people who read this site. I don't have much time to post here this week, between gearing up for a big move and working on a big paid gig that came up. I'll try to get something posted soon. In the meanwhile, clicking this box will take you to a place where you can easily waste a few hours (just don't read any of the dumb captions).
Univox Corporation: The Rebutal

Last week I posted a couple letters I received from some strange company called Univox Corporation (What is Univox Corporation?). Well, I found out that they came from my old friend John. I was the subject of some weird prank trying to get me to go to a random address in Chi...

Picture Letters

Maybe you've seen some of these silly "spell out things with pictures" items you can get from Skymall or whatever. I didn't think much about them when I've seen them before, but it recently occurred to me that I could be making them and selling them for fat stacks...

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