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Holiday 2016 Advent Calendar

I've often thought that if I was in charge of a TV studio, a fun thing to do would be to air nothing but Holiday episodes of TV shows in December. Pretty much every show has at least one Holiday episode, so you could probably fill a schedule with nothing but these episodes from every single TV show ever. Now, I'm not (and will probably never be) in charge of a TV network, but thanks to living in the future, we can basically be our own TV networks.

Another thing I think is really fun is Advent Calendars. If you aren't familiar, these are basically little boxes with a compartment for each day in December leading up to Christmas. It's very exciting cracking open 25 little compartments to get a half-melted piece of chocolate or tiny Lego every day. Now, I'm not (and will probably never be) Christian, so the symbolism and religious overtones are lost on me, but who doesn't like getting a little surprise every day?

Plus, these days I find that I could use any little dumb excuse to be excited about something for a change.

Anyway, this year I figured I would put these two Random Holiday Thoughts together into one Marginally Interesting Idea to share with my reader(s). I will be presenting a little advent calendar for you, posting a new interesting tidbit once a day starting tomorrow, December 1, and going all the way to December 25. The theme this year will be random Holiday episodes of TV shows that I like.

The rules are pretty simple. No made-for-TV movies or holiday specials. These will strictly be regular episodes of TV shows that just happen to be Christmas or Holiday themed. This isn't a "best of" or some sort of link-bait "listicle." These aren't ordered in any specific way or representative of my 25 favorite anything. These are simply 25 episodes of almost as many TV shows (there are a couple repeats) that I either like, remember from my childhood, or otherwise find noteworthy or interesting. Let's set aside our opinions and this weird Internet need to find the "best" of everything, and just be cool for a little bit this Holiday season.

So tune in every day for the next 25 days and read about a specific blast from the ghost of Christmas Past. Maybe you will remember some of them, maybe they'll remind you of how TV has evolved over the years, or maybe they'll help you get into some awesome shows you've never watched but totally should.

Speaking of a TV show that you should definitely start watching . . .

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