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Advent Calendar 2016 Box 23

The Simpsons
Season 1 Episode 1
"Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"

Originally aired December 17, 1989

I'll be short and sweet today. Exactly six years before the episode I posted yesterday was the very first episode of what would become one of the most popular shows ever. Okay, so it wasn't technically the first appearance of everybody's favorite dysfunctional family, but it was the first independent episode of the show. It also happened to be a Christmas episode, so it's a perfect selection for the list.

I didn't actually know that this was the first episode, since I mostly watched the show on repeat, and when they just show random episodes every day, they don't really tell you what number each episode is. I was kind of surprised to learn that this was the episode that started it all, but it's a good launching point.

In this episode, we get our introduction to The Simpsons, in all their poverty-stricken glory. Bart is immediately introduced as the bad boy of TV, getting a tattoo, and Marge spends all of the family's Christmas money getting it removed. Homer has to take on a second job to cover the bills. I guess back in the late 80's, the idea of a family with a comfortable house and firm employment being poverty-stricken (not to mention that getting a tattoo is the worst possible thing a kid can do) was a legitimate idea. It was a simpler time.

Anyway, go check it out. How much do you think times have changed since the cartoon 80's? Also, how great is the animation in this show?

Where can you watch it?

The DVD set is on Amazon, like always, or stream individual episodes. You can also just wait for FX to stream the whole series again (but be ready right when it starts).

Well, we've almost made it through the entire month. There's just one episode left for me to share with you. I can't let all this attention slip by without promoting something of my own . . .

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