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Advent Calendar 2016 Box 24

Building Giant Truck
Episode 5
"Happy Holidays"

Posted today, December 24, 2016!

So it has come to this - a whole month of buildup to post a 10 minute video of me playing with toys. I couldn't watch all those Christmas episodes without creating one of my own. It isn't a huge update to Giant Truck, but it's something.

What is the show?

A couple years ago I started a project to build a Lego set that I always wanted when I was a kid. You can get caught up if you dig back into the posts here. I started out thinking I would just write about my progress, but then I figured I would continue the progress in video form, on YouTube.

Where can you watch it?

On YouTube, or right above, where I've embedded it into this page.

Thanks for following along on my little project here. If you enjoyed reading about all these shows, please let me know. Which show was your favorite? What Holiday shows did I leave off the list? What should I do for next year's Advent Calendar (if such a thing were to happen)? Feel free to leave a comment right here (well, just below here, where the little comment box is.

If you feel like giving me something for Christmas, there's a very simple thing you can do for me. Just share this content with a friend (or several, if you're one of those crazy people with more than one friend). Subscribe to my YouTube channel, post my video (or any of these posts that you like) to your Social Media of Choice, and spread the word about how awesome I am (just humor me, here - it's Christmas). I am eternally grateful that you are just here reading this now, but if you could help me take it to the next level, I will be eternally grateful . . .er.

Anyway, have a wonderful Holiday of Choice, and party on, dudes!

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